Be Safe. SafeMobile.

We believe everybody should use mobile devices. That’s why we built


an innovative security platform enabling users to safely use mobile devices without compromising their way of life.

That’s our promise.


Our Promise

  • We make sure no apps or sites may be used unless they are preapproved. On any carrier, media and network. Go on, try us.
  • We make sure that devices will not reach any unauthorized content, even through preapproved content. That’s how good we are.
  • We make sure once a device is in the service – it stays there, and we support all major device vendors, both Android and iOS. Yes, you can bring your own device to SafeMobile*.

* on select models

Fast Growing

SafeMobile has proven success. Let’s make it greater. Together.

Large device variety

All major vendors, both iOS and Android devices. We also extend device shelf life.

Quick Turnover

Easily setup devices, and sell them preinstalled, off-the shelf and BYOD.

Fast growing

SafeMobile has proven success. Help us make it greater.

About Us

We love technology, and make the most of it to bring superior products to our customers.

Our founders are technology geeks who have track record in bringing software products into the marketplace.


Yuval Rapaport-Rom, our fearless leader, built and grew multi-million dollar tech businesses. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and Economics and an MBA.


Gadi “the server-whisperer” Rapaport, is a self-taught tech guru. He designed and deployed large scale IT projects, as well as tech businesses.

Our Investors

We’re fortunate to be funded by investors who are hands-on and true partners.


RiverPark Ventures is an active early stage venture capital fund, founded by entrepreneurs to invest in entrepreneurs. RiverPark Ventures is part of the RiverPark family of funds, a multi-strategy portfolio management firm.


The Parnasa Investment and Entrepreneurship Fund, a part of the Besadno group, invests in and promotes promising innovative inventions and ideas. The Parnasa Fund is where entrepreneurs, investors and professionals meet.